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He's trying to counteract the idea that if you're not a genius at first, then you'll never be one. Ericsson is also on record as emphasising that not just any old practice counts towards the 10,hour average.

And the major players in Silicon Valley graduated from college when the idea of personal computers was just beginning to gain some traction. What would be the result. I believe that anyone can be successful with something they are interested in and devoted to. Is it possible that opportunity and practice are all that is necessary and that we each share the exact same potential within us.

Back then those were the revolutionary years. He neglected his coursework and spent most of every night in the lab. When Oppenheimer was a student at University of Cambridge he attempted to poison one of his tutors.

Ultimately, the success of people boil down to the time people were born and the amount of practice done. Gladwell points out that all great sportspeople, performers and even computer programmers got in their 10, hours of practice in their particular art early in life, allowing them to shine while their less-diligent contemporaries were still grappling with the basics.

He also cites Bill Gates, the co-founder of computer software giant Microsoft, as a great example of the 10,hour rule. We know intuitively that successful athletes and chess players and violinists have worked hard and practiced a lot. As with so many other outliers, chance opportunity and thousands of hours of practice set the Beatles apart and put them on a course to achieve tremendous success.

Why Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule is wrong

Gladwell employs research to back up his arguments because his claim that success derives in part from an extreme number of dedicated hours of practice flies in the face of the traditional concept of success: If it takes 10, hours to master something, then why do doctors take years to become fully licensed.

Perhaps the two work together, one boosting the other, so that those remarkable genes give rise to remarkable talent only if the skills are suitably nurtured. However, he encountered on computer science, where programming practice opportunities were limited due to rare computers. At the same time, having a heavy punch does not mean that a boxer will be successful and win.

For instance, Ericsson and colleagues have found that college students could reach a world-class performance for memorising digits after only to 1, hours of training. The last paragraph of section one of the chapter, Gladwell begins to use exemplification to describe success.

Past and present successes were usually given opportunity during time periods such as the Computer Era and Economic Booms. From personal experience, if someone spends an excessive amount of time on practice with no progress, they are doing wrong and they lose motivation.

It speaks about 10, hours as the magical number of hours that one has to practice their craft to be good at it. We know intuitively that successful athletes and chess players and violinists have worked hard and practiced a lot.

And with the 10, hours of dedication put into the work then anyone can do what they want.

How the 10,000 hour rule benefits us

Some day, I might even unplug those headphones once more. Those 14 wealthy midth century men became outliers because they came of age in one of the greatest economic transformations in American history the railroad industry and Wall Street financial firms were being built.

When he was younger, his interest was into science and math.

How the 10,000 hour rule benefits us

Opportunity" contains five chapters, and "Part Two: Inthe Beatles were invited to play in Hamburg, Germany. What do you guys think about the role of talent in success.

The 10,000-Hour Rule

However, I feel that he misses an important point in his explanation. I find the passage to be very interesting because it makes it seem that being good at something is rather impossible without this magical number of 10, hours of practice and the idea of a series of fortunate events.

Motivation varies from person to person; therefore, success varies too. Bill Gates being sent to Lakeside happened to have much more experience than someone ever had.

This idea is encapsulated in a golden rule made popular by the writer Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers. Sep 28,  · The 10, Hour Rule Is Wrong and Perpetuates a Cruel Myth is that doing so perpetuates the myth that is at the root of much inaction in society—the myth that people can help themselves to.

If you haven’t heard about the 10, Hour Rule, you’re probably busy doing what people do.

The 10,000 Hour Rule

Living life on your own terms. Malcolm Gladwell identified this 10, hour maxim in his book, turnonepoundintoonemillion.com rule has to do with attaining Big Time Success. Need help with Chapter 2: The 10,Hour Rule in Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers?

Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. Based on research suggesting that practice is the essence of genius, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that 10, hours of appropriately guided practice was “the magic.

Excerpt from Essay: outlier, an extraordinarily successful person, I hope to be one someday. Therefore, encountering Gladwell's book Outliers was helpful in illuminating the circumstances under which people become exceptional at something.

There are two seemingly contradictory predictors or facilitators of success, according to Gladwell: the 10,hour rule, and the importance of luck and/or. The 10, Hour Rule The 10, hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell talks about Bill Joy and he has a very interesting life story.

Bill Joy attends University of Michigan that only has time-sharing system for computers.

10 000 hour rule essay help
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