Ethical concerns in fitness industry essay

Best Interests Customers come to a fitness club to get healthy, and trust the staff there to help them achieve their goals. There is another ethical concern in fitness industry. A professional and experienced coach will be able to know how to treat each customer taking into account his or her individual features.

Legal & Ethical Issues that Health Care Professionals Face

Such trainers usually are strong personalities and attract customers. All animal right organisations oppose the fur trade- especially the way it is carried out to the current day.

Ethical Concerns in Fitness Industry Essay Sample

Behavioral Guidelines Ethical problems can occur at fitness clubs when personal boundaries between staff and clients are not respected. These countries won't get rich without being able to export goods.

Zero-waste fashion refers to items of clothing that generate little or no textile waste in their production. Do schools put too much pressure on kids. For example, if a client who enters significantly overweight and out of shape says he wants to compete in a triathlon in a month, the ethical response would likely be to note that the goal might be unrealistic and suggest a different activity or a longer time frame.

Supply of Weapons of Mass destruction to Pakistan. Any kind of sexual harassment or discrimination cannot be tolerated. The patient asks the X-ray technician if her doctor is disclosing everything he knows about her test results. Copyright of Jessica Clarke The purpose of this essay is to discuss and examine the issue of ethical fashion; what it is, how it is achieved, its positives, negatives and rarity.

So, ethical concerns of fitness industry seem to be very important for those who participate in fitness industry. A malpractice suit is more likely to happen if a patient claims that his condition was misdiagnosed by a harried medical practitioner. Professional Boundaries Health care professionals must maintain appropriate boundaries.

In zero-waste fashion design, the designer creates a garment through the pattern cutting process, working exactly within the space of the fabric width.

Ethical Problems in a Fitness Club

The reliance on membership numbers for a significant chunk of revenue, the relationship between clients and trainers and the trust that customers place in the club to manage their exercise plan all leave a club susceptible to taking ethical shortcuts to increase revenue. Seminar Overview The Ethical Fitness Seminar is designed to assist in laying the conceptual groundwork for understanding and resolving the tough right-versus-right issues that face each of us every day.

The best tone of communication with customers is warm and friendly, however, not too familiar. Such cases are unpleasant and undesirable in fitness industry. It was a very normal concept of work until some of the earliest sweatshop critics were found in the 19th century calling for the original slavery laws set out between and to include other forms of harsh labour, including sweatshops.

Professional ethics and sexual exploitation laws prohibit inappropriate involvement with clients such as dating or accepting gifts that exceed nominal value.

Ethical Fitness® and the Practicing Attorney

In such a way they think they can create a bad impression of their rivals, spoil their professional image and get more customers. Therefore the absence of the work opportunities provided by sweatshops can quickly lead to malnourishment or starvation.

A massive talking point of ethical fashion at the moment is the fur trade. Customers come to a fitness club to get healthy, and trust the staff there to help them achieve their goals. It is the ethical responsibility of a fitness club to guide that client’s workout plan, as applicable, to serve the client’s best interests and health requirements.

This doesn't mean doing whatever the client wants. Ethical Concerns in Fitness Industry Essay Sample.

The Importance of Ethics in the Fitness Industry

Fitness business can be a very successful and profitable industry. However, to become successful in this field you shold follow certain rules. While starting your own fitness business, you should take into account certain things, such as professionalism, professional image and, of course, ethical.

Jul 20,  · The purpose of this essay is to discuss and examine the issue of ethical fashion; what it is, how it is achieved, its positives, negatives and rarity.

All of my information has been sourced reliably and can be backed up with evidence (see following figures). - Ethical Issues Ethical issues are “moral challenges” facing the health care profession (Stanhope & Lancaster,p. ).

Ethical issues is a major concern in the healthcare field because healthcare providers observe ethical issues every day and have to make ethical decisions.

FREE FITNESS GUIDE. SEE THE SHOP. GET STARTED. About Femi. Femi Doyle-Marshall is the founder and current Director of Programming at New Persona. He is a kinesiology graduate, coach, trainer and consultant. Health/fitness professionals have a responsibility to not share (verbally or in writing) information of a personal nature concerning individuals with whom they work.

Ethical Concerns in Fitness Industry Essay Sample

In addition, they should take whatever steps are necessary, within the confines of the law, to ensure that any such information, including health status, fitness assessments, and workout .

Ethical concerns in fitness industry essay
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